Publications mentioning the use of Reddot Biotech products from 2022:

1. Guo, D., Tong, Y., Jiang, X., Meng, Y., Jiang, H., Du, L., ... & Lu, Z. (2022). Aerobic glycolysis promotes tumor immune evasion by hexokinase2-mediated phosphorylation of IκBα. Cell Metabolism.

Products mentioned: RD-IFNg-Mu


2. Choi, S. M., Lee, P. H., An, M. H., Yun-Gi, L., Park, S., Baek, A. R., & Jang, A. S. (2022). N-Acetylcysteine decreases lung inflammation and fibrosis by modulating ROS and Nrf2 in mice model exposed to particulate matter. Immunopharmacology and Immunotoxicology, (just-accepted), 1-8.

Products mentioned: RD-ROMO1-Mu


3. David, M., Jahan, S., Hussain, J., Rehman, H., Cloete, K. J., Afsar, T., ... & Razak, S. (2022). Biochemical and reproductive biomarker analysis to study the consequences of heavy metal burden on health profile of male brick kiln workers. Scientific Reports12(1), 1-15.

Products mentioned: RD-FSH-Hu, RD-LH-Hu


4. Ibrahim, Y. F., Alorabi, M., Abdelzaher, W. Y., Toni, N. D., Thabet, K., Hegazy, A., ... & Abdel-Aziz, A. M. (2022). Diacerein ameliorates letrozole-induced polycystic ovarian syndrome in rats. Biomedicine & Pharmacotherapy149, 112870.

Products mentioned: RD-KEAP1-Ra


5. Hou, X., Liu, Q., Gao, Y., Yong, L., Xie, H., Li, W., ... & Wang, H. (2022). Mesencephalic astrocyte-derived neurotrophic factor reprograms macrophages to ameliorate acetaminophen-induced acute liver injury via p38 MAPK pathway. Cell Death & Disease13(2), 1-13.

Products mentioned: RD-MANF-Hu


6. Meng, S., Wang, T., Zhao, Q., Hu, Q., Chen, Y., Li, H., ... & Hong, X. (2022). Proteomics Analysis of Plasma-Derived Exosomes Unveils the Aberrant Complement and Coagulation Cascades in Dermatomyositis/Polymyositis. Journal of Proteome Research.

Products mentioned: RDR-C1qC-HuRDR-FGa-HuRDR-FGb-HuRDR-vWF-Hu


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