Updated! 2024 Citations

Updated! 2024 Citations

Feb 27, 2024

Publications mentioning the use of Reddot Biotech products from 2024:


1. Asaad, G. F., & Mostafa, R. E. (2024). Amelioration of acetic acid-induced ulcerative colitis in rats by cetirizine and loratadine via regulation of the PI3K/Akt/Nrf2 signalling pathway and pro-inflammatory cytokine release. Iranian Journal of Basic Medical Sciences, 27(6), 761.


Products Mentioned: RD-NFE2L2-Ra


2. Jiang, T., Yin, H., Yu, M., Wang, H., & Xing, H. (2024). Construction of an acellular spinal cord scaffold with a novel NT-3 sustained-release system promotes the neural differentiation of BMSCs through the NT-3/TrkC pathway. AIP Advances, 14(3).


Products Mentioned: RDR-NT3-Ra


3. Zheng, C., Wang, J., Zhou, Y., Duan, Y., Zheng, R., Xie, Y., ... & Liang, T. (2024). IFNα-induced BST2+ tumor-associated macrophages facilitate immunosuppression and tumor growth in pancreatic cancer by ERK-CXCL7 signaling. Cell Reports, 43(4). 


Products Mentioned: RD-MCSF-Mu


4. Shao, B., Shimizu-Albergine, M., Kramer, F., Kanter, J. E., Heinecke, J. W., Vaisar, T., ... & Bornfeldt, K. E. (2024). A targeted proteomics method for quantifying plasma apolipoprotein kinetics in individual mice using stable isotope labeling. Journal of Lipid Research, 100531. 


Products Mentioned: RD-APOA4-Mu


5. Yan, J., Tang, Z., Li, Y., Wang, H., Hsu, J. C., Shi, M., ... & Qu, J. (2023). Molybdenum Nanodots for Acute Lung Injury Therapy. ACS nano, 17(23), 23872-23888.


Products Mentioned: RD-MPO-Mu


6. Mekala, N., Trivedi, J., Bhoj, P., Togre, N., Rom, S., Sriram, U., & Persidsky, Y. (2024). Alcohol and e-cigarette damage alveolar-epithelial barrier by activation of P2X7r and provoke brain endothelial injury via extracellular vesicles. Cell Communication and Signaling, 22(1), 39. 


Products Mentioned: RDR-P2RX7-Hu


7. Gálvez, I., Hinchado, M. D., Otero, E., Navarro, M. C., Ortega-Collazos, E., Martín-Cordero, L., ... & Ortega, E. (2024). Circulating serotonin and dopamine concentrations in osteoarthritis patients: a pilot study on the effect of pelotherapy. International Journal of Biometeorology, 68(1), 69-77.


Products Mentioned: RD-5-HT-Ge


8. Zhang, S., Boers, L. S., de Brabander, J., van den Heuvel, L. B., Blok, S. G., Kullberg, R. F., ... & ArtDECO consortium and the Amsterdam UMC COVID study group. (2024). The alveolar fibroproliferative response in moderate to severe COVID-19-related acute respiratory distress syndrome and 1-yr follow-up. American Journal of Physiology-Lung Cellular and Molecular Physiology, 326(1), L7-L18.


Products Mentioned: RD-PIIINP-Hu


9. Zhou, Z., Zhou, Q., Zhao, J., Hou, X., Yan, J., Sun, X., ... & Hu, K. (2024). Rebalancing TGF-β/PGE 2 breaks RT-induced immunosuppressive barriers by enhancing tumor-infiltrated dendritic cell homing. International Journal of Biological Sciences20(1), 367-386.


Products Mentioned: RD-IL6-Mu


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